Wood Piano Bench – Popular Wood Top Bench Models

  • peter
  • April 3, 2012 4:48 pm

Piano benches don’t usually have to be covered with leather or cushioned top. A bench could also be functional even if it only has a wood top. This article will review the popular wood top bench models used by musicians, piano enthusiasts, and even ordinary piano owners today.

Wood piano benches come in various models. One can find a number of piano shops that do offer great assortments of wood piano benches and one of them is Cameron & Sons. This reliable company offers two models of piano benches which are the following:

CS- 10 UNFI Wood Piano Bench with Music Storage

Some piano owners love benches that are unfinished many because this type of bench makes it possible for them to choose a color that can match the style of their musical instrumentUnfinished piano benches in wood top cab be availed with wood samples and lets you pick color you think is the best for your piano and décor of your home. Also, the CS-10 UNFI has a dual seating perfect for teaching. As with other wood piano bench, CS – 10 UNFI Wood Top piano benches are known to last for a longer time since they are designed with heavy duty construction and design.

Furthermore, CS-10 UNFI Traditional Duet Piano bench is prevalent for students and dynamic musicians since it features music storage. CS – 10 UNFI comes with dimensions of 30” in length, music storage is 14”, and stands at 19”. Unfinished CS – 10 is made to match any acoustic, grand, and baby grand piano.

CS -10 EBHP Wood Top Piano Bench with Music Storage

Another CS-10 model piano bench offered by Cameron & Sons comes in an elegant ebony black finish. This is to satisfy the needs of some piano owners with classy pianos in black finish also. As with UNFI CS-10, it can also accommodate a couple of persons at a time and is designed with quality design thus it can sustain the long hours of piano playing. It features music compartment and an ideal compliment to grand, baby grand, and acoustic pianos.

CS – 10 WAHP Piano Bench in Wood Top and Music Storage

CS-10 also comes in a walnut finish. Cameron & Sons want its clients to have a large variety of colors to choose from. Cameron & Sons CS-10 WAHP Traditional with Music Storage and Wooden Top is also one of the best selling models from Cameron & Sons. Aside from the fact that it has a double seating and wide music storage, its high polished walnut finish makes this bench classier in appearance.

Wood piano bench is also a favorite of many piano owners because of its contained simplicity. This bench is also called as a traditional piano bench. Undoubtedly, piano owners choose this particular model of bench for its durability. Wood piano bench can also match with any piano type since they usually come unfinished. As a result, it can easily match with the piano type you may have. Wood piano benches can also accentuate a timeless musical instrument such as the piano. Also, they are known to be long-lasting as compared to other models of piano benches.

Getting a wood top piano bench from Cameron & Sons is a good choice since they come with free delivery straight to your home. They don’t just offer quality benches but they also render excellent service as well.


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