Used Piano Bench – Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying

  • peter
  • March 30, 2012 2:04 pm

Most individuals get into confusion whether to buy a used piano bench or not. This decision can be very challenging at times when you don’t have enough money and you don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of buying one.

Each and every piano player must have a good bench while playing with their instrument. A piano bench is an essential tool for pianist since it plays an important function towards their efficiency. It has features that are very useful for pianists at any age and level. Piano benches come in many different colors and styles, and they can also come as old or new. If you are considering to buy a used piano bench, you should find out first the advantages and disadvantages of buying this kind of bench. Continue to read on this article and find out the benefits and drawback of used piano benches.

Used Piano Bench – Advantages

A used or a second hand piano bench is a popular alternative for a destroyed or damaged piano bench. One can find various used piano bench models in many second hand stores an even at websites. Buying a used piano bench can also cause you benefits such as the following:

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing – Most of the used piano benches offered in second hand shops are made in good and classy design. As matter of fact, some of the used pianos are antique and made of high-quality. One can usually find upright models of piano bench in the used market. These benches often have a plain wooden top and have music storage.
  2. CheaperUsed piano benches are a lot cheaper as compared to new ones. This is because of the fact that somebody has already used this bench. If you don’t have sufficient money or have a tight budget, you can consider buying a used piano bench.


Used Piano Bench – Disadvantages

  1. Greater Chance of Damages – Most used piano benches have greater chance of hidden defects. Benches that have this condition are usually not suitable for normal use.
  2. Shorter Life Expectancy – Since most of the used pianos are prone to defects, they are also expected to have shorter life. They usually don’t last for a longer period of time especially for frequent use.
  3. No warranty from manufacturer Used piano benches that you acquire from second hand shops do not come with warranty from its manufacturer simply because it is already used. When you buy a brand new bench from a reliable piano store, your chosen item always include a manufacturer’s warranty as well as free shipping and delivery straight to your home.


Buying a used piano benches won’t be difficult if you know the advantages and disadvantages of it. Although you can save a lot from buying a second hand piano bench, you should take into consideration first its condition and examine very well if there are any defects on it to make sure that you won’t end up spending more than you should have spent if you bought a new one.




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