Grand Piano Bench – An Analysis of Bench Designs and Types

  • peter
  • July 18, 2011 11:26 pm

If you are looking for a grand piano bench, then you are at the right place as this short article will give you an analysis of bench designs and types. You can find piano bench on the market in different models such as the common, double and adjustable styles.

The bench styles are available in a variety of colors with high polished and satin finishes, both in genuine leather and vinyl materials. During your research, you will discover that the most popular bench for a grand piano would be the traditional duet. This bench is available with wood finish or padded top, plus it has a spacious storage compartment that you can access easily by lifting the hinged top. The affordable price and sturdy construction helps to make this bench a popular choice.

The deluxe adjustable design with music storage is the most versatile type of piano bench. With its seating compartment that you can lift to eighteen or twenty-four inches high, this bench is extremely popular with professionals and students of all age groups. Besides that, this bench is not only used by pianists, but also a number of instrumentalists such as guitarists and percussionists. By far, this bench is a biggest hit with many musicians who choose it for performances on the concert stage, at public venues, music studios and homes.

Now, the double bench style is another model that is always in demand. This bench can be found as fixed or adjustable models. As you can imagine, this bench is very appealing because it can easily and comfortably seat two players. This model is popular and practical for parents and teachers who would like to sit at the piano to instruct children, in addition to artists who want to practice and perform four hand repertoire.

Some of the popular colors today include mahogany, black, oak, unfinished and walnut. The materials utilized for the finish coatings can be lacquer based or polyester resin. It could be difficult for you to find the right color to match your piano, so when in doubt it’s usually best to choose a slightly darker color. The available leg styles for the piano bench normally include the round, spade and curved types. Even though the spade leg can match nearly all traditional piano styles, you will discover that the curved type will be just right for the Queen Anne décor. On the other hand, the round type will be suitable for virtually all art deco styles and certain Victorian style.

Finally, if you want the adjustable and traditional grand piano bench with padded covers you can choose materials such as genuine leather and vinyl leatherette. Of course, the two materials will have unique advantages so you can choose based on your personal preferences.

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